Blue Raspberry Gumbo Magic Mushroom Amanita Gummies 2500mg


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Discover the delightful Blue Raspberry Gumbo Magic Mushroom Amanita Gummies 2500mg! Each pack holds 5 gummies infused with 500mg of amanita muscaria, totaling an impressive 2500mg per bag. Indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of blue raspberry and mango, delivering a tangy delight. These gummies are crafted with simplicity, featuring minimal ingredients for a pure and wholesome treat.

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Rest assured, Gumbo Magic Mushroom Amanita Gummies 2500mg are psilocybin-free, ensuring complete legality and worry-free enjoyment. Every batch undergoes third-party lab testing to guarantee strength, accuracy, and safety. Immerse yourself in the effects of these potent gummies and relish a legal, pleasurable journey in taste and euphoria. These vibrant and unique gummies contain a potent combination of Amanita Muscaria, Amanita Pantherina, and Yellow Fly Agaric fungi, resulting in a soothing and euphoric sensation that is truly unparalleled. Hurry up to try these juicy gummies by ordering them from our online headshop.