Sales Tax Policy

Welcome to the Sales Tax Policy section of Here, we detail the procedures for the collection, calculation, and remittance of sales tax on purchases made through our website.

1. Sales Tax Collection:

– is legally obligated to collect sales tax for orders shipped to jurisdictions where we maintain a physical presence, which includes certain U.S. states.
– The sales tax charged is determined by the state and local tax rates applicable to the shipping destination.

2. Taxable Items:

– Sales tax applies to the total cost of your purchase, encompassing both the product prices and any relevant shipping fees.
– Some products or services might be exempt from sales tax, depending on the tax laws of the state or locality.

3. Tax Exemption:

– Customers eligible for tax exemption may need to submit valid proof of their tax-exempt status when making a purchase.
– Should you require a tax exemption, kindly reach out to our customer service with your exemption documentation for validation before placing your order.

4. Tax Calculation and Display:

– During checkout, sales tax is calculated and shown based on the shipping address you provide.
– An itemized total sales tax amount will be presented in the order summary before you finalize your purchase.

5. Tax Reporting and Remittance:

– takes responsibility for the accurate reporting and remittance of collected sales tax to the relevant tax authorities, adhering to the necessary laws and regulations.
– We keep detailed records of all sales tax transactions and ensure full cooperation with tax authorities as mandated.

6. Changes to Tax Rates:

As state and local tax laws or regulatory requirements evolve, sales tax rates may also change. We continuously update our system to reflect such changes, ensuring the precise calculation and collection of sales tax.

7. Compliance with Tax Laws:

Our commitment at is to comply with all relevant sales tax laws and regulations, maintaining transparency, fairness, and legality in all our operations.

8. Contact Us:

For any questions or concerns about our Sales Tax Policy or how sales tax is calculated on your order, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service at [email protected]. We are here to assist and clarify any doubts you may have.

Thank you for shopping at We value your understanding and cooperation regarding our Sales Tax Policy.