Strawberry D8 THC Gummies | 500mg


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Looking for a sweet and fruity way to unwind and relax? Try Strawberry Koi D8 THC Gummies 500mg! These gummies are made with highly sought-after Delta-8 THC, a unique hemp-derived THC known for providing noticeable mood-boosting effects and promoting relaxation.

Note: Please note that Delta-8 THC is not equivalent to CBD, and its effects are typically potent and noticeable for most individuals.

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Strawberry D8 THC Gummies | 500mg are perfect for unwinding after work or enhancing a leisurely event. These mouth-watering gummies provide delicious strawberry flavor and the mood-boosting benefits of D8 THC. Order Strawberry D8 Gummies now from our online headshop and experience these relaxing gummies’ sweet and fruity taste!

Each gummy provides a consistent 25 mg dose of D8 THC. This makes it easy to achieve the ideal dosage. Koi takes quality seriously and carefully blends its D8 edible gummies to ensure consistency. Additionally, they have all their products third-party tested for purity and compliance. This ensures consumers receive a safe and effective product.