Super Lemon Haze Cutleaf Gummy Clusters | 600mg


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Introducing the Super Lemon Haze Sativa Cutleaf Gummy Clusters 600mg, a flavorful and revitalizing way to enjoy the natural benefits of hemp.  Each pack of Super Lemon Haze Sativa Cutleaf  comes with 6 delicious gummies. Each contains 100mg of Hemp-Derived CBD and 10mg of Hemp-derived THC. The tangy and rejuvenating taste of lemon mixed with the stimulating effects of Sativa creates an energizing and pleasurable experience.

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The Super Lemon Haze Cutleaf Gummy Clusters | 600mg are a perfect choice for anyone seeking a delicious and nourishing snack. Purchase now from our online headshop. Savor the tangy and rejuvenating lemon flavor blended with the stimulating effects in each bite.