Strawberry THC-O Gummies | 500mg


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Koi THC-O Gummies 500mg come in a variety of delicious flavors, including the delectable Strawberry. Each container holds 20 gummies, infused with a powerful 25mg dose of THC-O. This derivative of THC is known for its profound cerebral effects, making it perfect for activities such as music listening, meditation, and spiritual introspection. Experience true pleasure with Strawberry THC-O Gummies 500mg.

Note: Don’t confuse THC-O with CBD.

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Looking to unwind after a long day or delve deep into your thoughts? Strawberry THC-O Gummies 500mg is an excellent option for a transcendent experience. Order now from our online headshop for fast shipping and try the delicious flavor of Strawberry.

Produced meticulously according to cGMP regulations. Moreover, conducts third-party laboratory testing to verify their compliance and purity. So you can have complete confidence in the exceptional quality of the THC-O gummies you’re purchasing.