Strawberry Nectarine Wunder Amanita Muscaria Mushroom + Kava Gummies 2500mg


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Embark on a transformative wellness journey with Wunder Amanita Muscaria + Kava Gummies 2500mg, a unique and potent blend designed to unlock deep relaxation, euphoria, and anxiety relief. Crafted with precision and care, these gummies offer a harmonious synergy between Amanita Muscaria and Kava, creating an unforgettable experience for users.

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Wunder Amanita Muscaria + Kava Gummies 2500mg Features:

Potent Blend: Each 5ct resealable bag of Wunder’s Amanita Muscaria + Kava Gummies boasts an impressive 2500mg of Amanita Muscaria and 375mg of Kava. This equates to each gummy containing a powerful 500mg of Amanita Muscaria and 75mg of Kava, delivering a symphony of natural effects.

Harvested Excellence: Wunder Gummies are crafted with meticulous sourcing and craftsmanship. The high-quality Amanita Muscaria, harvested from the lush landscapes of Lithuania, meets the authentic essence of Kava from the Pacific Islands. This harmonious blend reflects the brand’s commitment to providing users with a transformative and exceptional experience.

Unique Wellness Experience: Recognizing the untapped powers of Amanita Muscaria, Wunder invites users on a journey like no other. The combination of Amanita Muscaria and Kava offers a unique and harmonious experience, ensuring relaxation, euphoria, and anxiety relief in a transformative journey.

The Power of Synergy: Amanita Muscaria, in conjunction with Kava, creates a truly unique and harmonious experience. Beyond being a mere combination of ingredients, this blend mitigates anxiety during the come-up. Kava’s calming embrace ensures a smooth transition into a deeply relaxed state, while Amanita Muscaria unlocks intense mind and body euphoria, guiding users to realms of blissful tranquility.

Mitigating Anxiety: Wunder’s dedication to user well-being is evident in their thoughtful formulation. The introduction of Kava acts as a soothing balm, dissipating stress and anxiety from the body. This ensures a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for all users, mitigating potential anxiety associated with Amanita Muscaria.

Product Features:

• 5ct Resealable Bag (2500mg Amanita Muscaria + 375mg Kava Total)

• Each Gummy is 500mg Amanita + 75mg Kava

• Lab Tested For Potency, Safety, And Quality

Embark on a wellness journey that transcends boundaries with Wunder Amanita Muscaria + Kava Gummies 2500mg – where potent ingredients, careful craftsmanship, and a dedication to user well-being converge to create a transformative and unforgettable experience. Order from our online headshop, Trumush.