Peachy Lychee Polkadot Craft Gummies 4G


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Transport your senses to a tropical haven with Peachy Lychee Polkadot Craft Gummies 4G. The juicy combination of peach, lychee and magic mushroom gummies creates a refreshing and exotic taste that offers better mood stabilization and enhanced perception with every delightful bite.

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Delight in the harmonious blend of Peachy Lychee Polkadot Craft Gummies 4G. Experience the sweet and floral notes of ripe peaches and exotic lychee in every bite. Infused with magic mushrooms, these gummies offer more than just a burst of flavor – they bring a touch of wellness to your day.

Elevate your snacking experience and add a fruity twist to your routine. Visit our online headshop to discover the perfect balance of taste and well-being with Peachy Lychee Polkadot Craft Gummies. Embrace the sweet magic and make every moment deliciously special.

Serving Size:

Microdose: 1-2 Pieces – stimulate the mind

Therapeutic: 3-6 Pieces – mindful and elevated

God Mode: 7-10 Pieces – walls will melt