Peach Razz Koi Psychedelic Muscimind Gummies 10ct 30g


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Introducing the Peach Razz Psychedelic MusciMind Gummies from Koi, a delightful blend of flavor and potency designed to elevate your experience. Each gummy is meticulously crafted to offer a burst of delicious taste and the profound effects of muscimol and a proprietary nootropic blend.

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Key Features:

10ct Resealable Pouch: Conveniently packaged in a resealable pouch, each pouch contains 10 gummies, ensuring freshness and portability wherever you go.

1mg Pure Muscimol: Infused with 1mg of pure muscimol derived from Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, these gummies deliver fast-acting euphoric effects and deep relaxation.

30mg Proprietary Nootropic Blend: Experience enhanced cognitive function and mood with Koi’s proprietary nootropic blend. Ingredients like Lion’s Mane, Hostilis Bark, HCI-PEA, L-Tryptophan, Rhodiola Extract, and vitamins B12 + D3 work synergistically to optimize mental clarity and well-being.

Irresistible Flavor: Enjoy the delicious fusion of peach and raspberry flavors in every gummy, creating a mouthwatering sensation that delights the taste buds.

Fast-Acting Euphoria: These gummies provide a rapid onset of euphoria and relaxation, allowing you to unwind and experience a heightened sense of well-being.

With Koi’s Peach Razz Psychedelic MusciMind Gummies, you can indulge in a flavorful and uplifting experience that nourishes both the body and mind. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or mental clarity, these gummies offer a delicious and convenient way to elevate your day. Order from our online headshop, Trumush!