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What Is Oreo Treat

Mr. Mushies Magic mushroom chocolates are psilocybin-infused chocolate bars that provide the user with a consistent and predictable experience. Like THC gummies and chocolates, Mr Mushies mushroom chocolates are delicious and provide the perfect method of building on your trip. Because each bar has multiple doses, you can take a certain amount or share it with friends to ensure a similar experience.

Mr. Mushies shroom bars quickly grew in popularity since their release in 2022. Out performing many established brands such as the mk chocolate bars and th aurora bars. This has led many to ponder what makes our mushroom chocolate bars so special. The mr mushie bars team took out time to find the highest quality couverture chocolates and also some of the most potent mushroom strains. This combination has led to the creation of a shroom chocolate bar like no other Not only do the mr mushies bars pack a punch but the taste and flavors are second to non.

Mr Mushies Chocolate Bar Flavors

Mr mushies chocolate bar comes in ten different flavors to choose from;

• Strawberry shortcake
• Ube Donut
• S’mores
• Mango Gelato
• Cereal Milk
• Lemon Cheesecake
• Oreo
• Milk Chocolate
• Jedi Mint
• Peanut Butter Smash

Mr Mushies Chocolate Bar Real or Fake

To begin with Mr Mushies bars are a luxurious mushroom chocolate bar hence due to rapid rise to popularity of these shroom chocolate bars, It has led to the emergence of a lot of fakes and copycats.
Also the individuals producing thie fakes are getting more creative and making it harder for our loyal customers to identify a real MrMushies shroom chocolate bars from fakes. And hence, the Mr Mushies team decide to add the unique product code to their packaging. Now to verify the authenticity of your shroom bar simply input the code on our website for verification. The Benefits of Mr Mushies Chocolate.

First and foremost shrooms are cultivated with powerful immune-boosting properties that are beneficial to the body. Also top-quality cocoa contains a high level of antioxidants proven to promote academic, cardiovascular, and overall well-being.

Mrmushies chocolate bar are the easiest and tastiest way to enjoy psilocybin mushrooms espe you’re unsure about magic mushroom’s dried taste. there’s just no better duo. Granting you to great flavors as you munch down your shrooms. Mr mushes chocolate bar extraction technolos completely puts the magic boom bar in a league of its own. Mrmushies mushroom are free of al contaminants and more accurately dosed. magic boom bar products have been known to signifi reduce stress and depression. They aslo increase focus, and stimulate brain cell growth. As a re always start slow in a safe environment. Obviously, do not operate any motor vehicles while using mushies

Why Should You Buy Mr Mushies Chocolate Bar

Mr. Mushies bars have active chemical found in magic mushrooms. It flavors just like regular chocolate, but it can improve your mood for chocolate bar is the perfect present for any occasion. Because it produced from magic mushrooms, it has a best flavor that will leave you flavor buds wanting more.

Mr. Mushies  Chocolate Bar is more than just a chocolate bar, it is a sumptuous and guilt-free indulgence for the health conscious customer who wants something different. It is perfect as an afternoon or after-dinner treat, an energy booster on hiking trails or outdoor activities.

Where To Buy Mr Mushies Near me

Firstly, There are a lot of dispensaries online that claim to sell authentic Mr Mushies Chocolate Bars. Most of these are fake and are just out to make quick bucks. We recommend you make your purchase at a licensed dispensary like ours. We also offer discount packages for wholesalers and manufacturers.
In Addition, mr mushies swiss chocolates is among the top 5 most in demand chocolate bars at the moment alongside others such as Diamond shruumz  and funguy chocolates bars.
Secondly, mr mushies mushroom chocolate and many other mushroom chocolates have a great taste and have been used as medicine to many western countries such as FRANCE,GERMANY,UK,CANADA and US for health and well being. Although each type mushroom chocolate is unique and provides its own distinct benefits physically and health wise.
They can help with everything from stress management to cognitive support.



Ube Donut, Strawberry Shortcake, S'mores, Mango Gelato, Cereal Milk, Lemon Cheesecake, Oreo, Milk chocolate, Peanut Butter Smash, Jedi Mint