Milk Chocolate Willy Wonky Happy Blend Bars


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Experience decadence like never before with the silky allure of milk chocolate, heightened by the enchanting touch of happy blend mushrooms. Elevate your pleasure with Milk Chocolate Willy Wonky Happy Blend Bars – discover these extraordinary bars at our online headshop and indulge in unparalleled delight.

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Immerse yourself in the velvety indulgence of Milk Chocolate Willy Wonky Happy Blend Bars. Crafted with the finest milk chocolate, each piece is a celebration of smooth, heavenly goodness. Infused with Happy Blend mushrooms, the bar contains 3750mg, with 250mg per delightful piece. Tailored for microdosing, enjoy 1-4 pieces for a gentle, euphoric lift. With 15 pieces per bar, it’s not just a chocolatey treat but also a journey into happiness, seamlessly blending the joy of milk chocolate with the wellness benefits of Happy Blend mushrooms.

Key Features

  • 1 Piece = 250mg (1/4 grams) of mushrooms
  • Microdose: 1-4 Pieces (Stimulate the mind, energy, focus, clarity)
  • Therapeutic: 5-8 Pieces (Mindful and elevated)
  • Enlightened: 9-15 Pieces (Psychonautics)