Just HHC Sour Bears 250mg


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Just HHC Sour Bears 250mg, which acts more like Delta 9 than Delta 8, inducing a tranquil, relaxed euphoric high. So every time you chew an HHC Sour Bear, you can satiate both your sweet appetite and your spirit! THIS IS NOT CBD.

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You’d consume one gummy no more than every eight hours. If you use HHC THC products, you run the risk of testing positive for Delta-9 THC. Your taste senses will be delighted with these juicy HHC gummies as they provide HHC to your body. Just HHC Sour Bears have a delicious flavor that is both delightfully sweet and sour. Soon, Just HHC Sour Bears Gummies will rank among your all-time favorites. These magnificent gummies are a delicious HHC delight that will make you feel incredibly energized and full of satisfaction. Buy Just HHC Sour Bears 250mg luscious gummies with a sour taste from our online headshop.