Dozo Don’t Trip Mixed Fruit Flavors Mushroom Gummies 3500MG


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Embark on a mind-expanding journey with Dozo’s Delectable Don’t Trip Mushroom Gummies – a unique formulation designed to mask the mushroom flavors disliked by some, all while offering a natural, vegan, and gluten-free experience. Each tasty bite is a ticket to hours of trippy exploration, delivering an exceptional blend of ingredients that are not only enjoyable but also good for you.

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Key Features:

Unique Formulation: Dozo’s Mushroom Gummies feature a unique formulation that expertly conceals the typical mushroom flavors, providing an enjoyable experience for all users. The ingredients used are natural, vegan, and gluten-free, ensuring a wholesome and conscious journey.

Perfect Amount for Micro-Dosing or Macro-Dosing: Tailor your experience with the perfect amount of trippy mushrooms for micro-dosing or macro-dosing. Whether you seek a subtle euphoric effect or an otherworldly adventure, the potency of these gummies offers a spectrum of possibilities based on your experience level and tolerance.

1 Gummy: Mini Dose – Possible euphoric effect.

2 Gummies: Laid back and chill vibes.

3 Gummies: UFO Sighting.

4 Gummies: Alien Abduction.

5 Gummies: Interdimensional Space Travel on a UFO.

Amanita Mushrooms Explained: Discover the magic of Amanita mushrooms, scientifically known as Amanita Muscaria or fly agaric mushrooms. Recognizable by their iconic appearance, these mushrooms have been historically used as entheogens due to their low-grade hallucinogenic properties. The mushrooms contain psychoactive alkaloids such as muscarine, muscimol, and ibotenic acid, offering a unique and diverse experience.

Active Ingredients: Explore the active ingredients in these Mushroom Gummies, including muscarine, muscimol, and ibotenic acid. These compounds interact with receptors differently than traditional psychedelics, offering a distinctive and nuanced journey.

Other Ingredients: Indulge in a delightful blend of pectin, sugar, tapioca syrup, citric acid, sodium citrate, natural colors, and flavors. These thoughtfully chosen ingredients contribute to the overall enjoyment of the gummies.

Legal and Safe: Rest assured, this product does not contain psilocybin or any other illegal substance. It is crafted with 100% legal ingredients, allowing users to explore the depths of consciousness in a safe and compliant manner.

Experience the Journey:

Expand your consciousness with Dozo’s Don’t Trip Mushroom Gummies, where flavor meets adventure in a delectable and conscious blend. Embrace the possibilities, discover new dimensions, and elevate your consciousness with each flavorful bite.

The journey awaits – are you ready to trip? Order from our online headshop, Trumush!