Blue Razz Koi Muscimind Magic Infused Liquid Trip Shot 60ml


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Embark on a journey of enhanced cognition and blissful euphoria with the Blue Razz Koi MusciMind Magic Infused Liquid Trip Shot 60ml. Koi returns with the second iteration of their beloved MusciMind blend, now available in a highly concentrated and delicious shot format.

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Key Features:

Concentrated Formula: Each bottle contains a resealable 2fl oz plastic bottle filled with a potent and flavor-packed liquid, delivering a concentrated dose of euphoria and cognitive enhancement.

Fast-Acting Blend: Infused with a dynamic blend of 15mg muscimol isolate and a proprietary nootropic blend, including Lion’s Mane, Hostilis Bark, HCI-PEA, L-Tryptophan, Rhodiola Extract, and essential vitamins B12 + D3, this shot offers rapid absorption and swift onset of effects.

Enhanced Cognitive Function: Experience a surge in cognitive function and mental clarity with the powerful combination of natural and nootropic ingredients, designed to support focus, memory, and overall cognitive performance.

Euphoric Effects: Indulge in profound feelings of euphoria and mood enhancement, elevating your state of mind and promoting a sense of well-being and contentment.

Full-Body Relaxation: Achieve deep relaxation and tranquility as the effects of the MusciMind blend wash over you, soothing both body and mind for a truly immersive experience.

User Experience:

Users can anticipate hard-hitting euphoric effects and mood enhancement, accompanied by deep full-body relaxation. Whether you’re seeking heightened mental acuity or simply looking to unwind and de-stress, the Blue Razz Koi MusciMind Magic Infused Liquid Trip Shot offers a versatile solution to elevate your experience.

Experience the Magic:

Unlock the potential of your mind and spirit with the Blue Razz Koi MusciMind Magic Infused Liquid Trip Shot 60ml. With its potent blend of ingredients and delicious blue raspberry flavor, this shot promises to take your journey to new heights of enlightenment and enjoyment. Order now from our online headshop, Trumush, and experience the magic for yourself.