Blue Bliss Galaxy Treats Blue Lotus Gummies 3500mg


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Introducing an innovative way to embark on a cosmic journey from your beloved space-traveling friends at Galaxy Treats, presenting Blue Bliss Galaxy Treats Blue Lotus Gummies 3500mg! For centuries, Blue Lotus has been cherished for its potent, entirely natural properties that promote relaxation, enhance sleep, and act as a powerful aphrodisiac. This ancient ingredient offers a truly exceptional experience. Beginner Users: Begin with half a gummy, then wait at least 45 minutes for effects before considering a higher dose.

Experienced Users:

1-2 gummies Warning: Effects may differ depending on various factors, so the recommended dosage may not suit everyone. Consult a doctor or certified medical expert for personalized dosage guidance.

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Combined with Calea Zacatechichi, commonly referred to as the “Dream Herb” because of its ability to induce deep sleep and enhance dream activity, our Blue Bliss Gummies are bound to provide an experience that will leave you delighted! Snag a jar of extraordinary Blue Bliss Galaxy Treats Blue Lotus Gummies from our online headshop and prepare for an exhilarating cosmic journey!